Japanese Penis Festival

The origin of The Utamaro Festival dates back to 200 years ago. Today, beautiful gays are carrying a portable shrine. … funny crazy gay penis

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  1. MarquisdeSade819 says:

    A retard had to post this video, and it wasn’t a Japanese person as the turd uses a Japanese user name. . The idiot doesn’t even offer accurate information about the festival. It’s OVER 300 YEARS OLD! It’s a FERTILITY FESTIVAL, not A PENIS FESTIVAL.

  2. iluvfirenze says:

    It’s a FERTILITY FESTIVAL, not a Penis Festival, you retarded, flat, moon-faced Gooks! That festival is older than the USA. It was started by prostitutes in Japan over 300 years ago to “ward off” the outbreak of venereal disease. Now, the Fertility Festival is used to raise money for HIV/AIDS. Mostly perverted foreigners, like the Koreans, attend the festival. Other Japanese use the Festival to celebrate their penis victories in the Andromedical Study over the USA & South Korea. LOL

  3. didier2120 says:

    *The Japanese actually made the average for the Andromedical Study as well as the international average range set by Dr. Gomez de Diego, the renown urologist that headed the famous ANDROMEDICAL STUDY.

    *GOOGLE the ANDROMEDICAL STUDY. The psychotic, thug Koreans, who obviously are obsessed with & insanely jealous of the Japanese, have been posting bogus data, so you must GOOGLE the Andromedical Study.

    *I’ve listed the accurate & valid results below as well.

  4. didier2120 says:

    Average Erect Penis Size of 15 Nations:
    1.France 16 cm
    2. Italy 15 cm
    3. Mexico 14.9 cm
    4. Germany 14.48 cm
    5. Chile 14 cm
    6. Colombia 13.9 cm
    7. Spain 13.58 cm
    9. USA 12.9 cm
    10. Venezuela 12.7 cm
    11. Brazil & Saudi Arabia 12.4 cm
    13. Greece 12.18 cm
    14. India 10.2 cm
    15. SOUTH KOREA 9.6 cm *Poor Korean women!

  5. didier2120 says:

    *The Andromedical Study is the ONLY SCIENTIFICALLY BASED STUDY REGARDING INTERNATIONAL COMPARATIVE PENIS SIZE IN EXISTENCE. It’s the ONLY STUDY specifically intended to compare penis size internationally. The penises were actually measured in the study to attain the averages. Dr. Gomez de Diego, the renown urologist that headed the study, employed a team of PRESTIGIOUS international urologists, including those from Japan, USA, & South Korea, who submitted scientific data from research.

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